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Own 88 Starview, Own the World

Working in Berkeley/Oakland real estate, you come across some very interesting homes.  Some might cause you immediate disgust, some you grow to love and some you immediately love.  But every once in a while, there’s one that just leaves you in sheer awe; which is what I felt when I first stepped into 88 Starview Drive in the Oakland Hills.  

88 Starview Dr, Oakland, CA - Click here for more info on this magnificent Oakland Hills townhome

Before I actually visited, I looked up the property on the MLS.  Judging from the photos posted by a previous agent, I instantly deemed the property as another run of the mill townhouse.  I, like most people, think of townhomes as this compact, cookie-cutter layout of an apartment complex.  But 88 Starview Drive is so much more.

Upon entering, you might find yourself thinking “well this isn’t as grand as I thought it would be,” and believe me, I thought that same thing.  However, as soon as I walked up the stairs to the second floor, I immediately thought otherwise.  Firstly, this Oakland Hills townhome received tons of natural light from all angles throughout the entire day.  In fact, you may never even need to turn on a lightswitch until after sunset, and almost certainly eco-friendly residents of Oakland and Berkeley will appreciate you for it. 

Walking upstairs to the living room, you’re greeted with a grand view that overlooks the Caldecott Tunnel and neighboring homes and hills from all angles.  I know what you’re thinking: it’s not a Bay View, right?  It’s not, but it doesn’t need to be and I’ll tell you why.  As you stand on the balcony adjoining the living room, you feel this overwhelming sense of freedom. Y ou look down the hillside and realize there’s nothing to catch you as if you were soaring like a majestic eagle.  Suddenly, your personal problems and the world just grows small and seemingly melts away.  When you look at Bay and city views, you tend to feel small as you share the world with others. You realize that you are only one of billions of people on this planet, but not at 88 Starview Drive

Here, you find yourself sitting at the top of the world and that you are one of the lucky few that have the luxury of owning this all to yourself.  At 88 Starview Drive, you don’t share it with the world, the world shares with you. 

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Own 88 Starview, Own the World
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